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01 October 2020 @ 12:18 pm

Selective Adding // Not Adding

This is my personal journal. Graphics can be found at two_sox .

What your flist will be flooded with if I'm on it:
- extreme fangirlism (these days mostly about AJ Cook)
- epic rants (about fandom as much as real life stuff)
- lots and lots of cursing (sorry but I just have a potty mouth and I don't intend to change that)
- randomness and ramblings about any- and everything (which happens to make no sense at all most of the time)

Please don't add me to make me a name among many on your profile and nothing more. My flist is important to me, if it's not to you I don't see the of being on it.
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31 December 2011 @ 11:59 pm

Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on. The 2010 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.

2011 ScrapbookCollapse )
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28 February 2011 @ 08:56 pm
As I've said last week, it was time for a friends cut. If you can't read THIS entry, you're no longer on my friends list so feel free to remove me in return (though I doubt anyone has turned off notifications for this ^^)

If you've been cut, it doesn't mean I don't like you (anymore) or anything of that sort. It simply means, we have too little to say to each other or each others entries, have grown apart or never had all that much in common to begin with. Happens. That's life and, at least from my side, there won't be any hard feelings. If we cross each other's path on LJ, I won't be any different or ignore you unless you want me to leave you alone, but this is a friends only journal for a reason and if you have hardly commented I figure, you don't want to read whatever I ramble about anyway and that's perfectly fine with me. I'm just difficult like that and think, if you don't seem to care then there's no reason for you to be able to read my entries whether you chose to do it or not.
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